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Tonara is a music education app, created to connect music teachers and their students. The platform takes the best of traditional teaching - that is, the one on one interaction and learning experience - and blends it with advanced technology. The app provides goal-oriented assignments, image-rich chat, game-like rewards, play-along exercises and a world-leading patent that hears you play and provides feedback on a wide repertoire of interactive scores.

Score page & Assignment
New layout design
Desktop app

Designed at Tonara app 2017 - 2018
main screens of teachers and students

Score page & Home Assignment

Score page

The score page is a complex system created to allow the users to play in two modes, “practice” and “performance”, accompanied by an orchestra track and a video background. The challenge was adding massive amounts of information to a screen whose main function is to display the score, without creating a distraction for the user. The solution was to enable the user to switch between two modes, so they can practice first before trying the “performance”. The function buttons were designed to be very small in order to prevent distractions.

practice & getting deedback

Home Assignment

The challenge was to streamline the home assignment feature and make it more accessible to less technology-proficient music teachers, who did not always find it easy to navigate among the many options to monitor student progress and provide feedback in-between lessons.
The design-led solution came after consulting many teachers and modeling the feature to mimic the natural way they assign homework to their students. This simplified approach enabled teachers to treat individual assignment goals separately and combine them freely (see drawing and wireframes). Things were simplified on the students side too; now they were able to see their assignments in full page and understand better the goals their teachers expected them to meet.

chat stickers

stickers sent in chat

Teacher: send assignment

Student: reads assignments

about creating scroe page
about creating scroe page

New layout

Creating a simple layout, after removing the music content.

Desktop app

Creating a simple layout, after removing the music content.
The desktop app is an easy way for teachers to manage their students. The system should work easily and be user friendly.

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