Music Albums

Print, web, illustration, concept, are direction

Design of music albums for emerging artists:

Adarim - Aviad Sharar 
City boy - Ofer Kokler

Adarim (Herds)
by Aviad Sharar

Soft rock with light touches of electronic music. Aviad’s lyrics focus on modern life, accompanied by smooth and
mellow arrangements.

Concept, design and art direction.
Photography by Ahiad Danziger.

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Isadora band

An electropop trio band based in Tel aviv. Fusing emotive vocals and vivid, reflective lyrics with haunting melodies, skintight arrangements and lush synthesizers; ISADORA offers immersive, impassioned, dance laden pop that relates to a wide audience.

Branding, art direction, motion design
creates with Ayal Zakin

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City Boy
by Ofer Kolker

Singer-songwriter bringing love stories from the big city.

Design, illustration, concept.

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