Jericho Cosmetics

Jericho Cosmetics

UI/UX, Media, Project management

Jericho Cosmetics is a worldwide brand of fine cosmetic and therapeutic products. They offer a unique blend of ingredients combining the benefits of Dead Sea minerals, the nourishing moisture of plants and the subtle fragrance of flowers.

The challenge was to create a large volume e-commerce platform meeting the standards of international cosmetics brands. Together with the client we devised a strategy of differentiating the brand by devoting ample space for unique content emphasizing each product. The complex structure of the site allows products to appear in multiple categories, thus assisting the customer to find the perfect combination of products that meets their needs. By designing a landing page for each category we have enhanced customers browsing experience and increased sales by exposing them to additional product selections.

The upscale styling and extensive product content create an accessible up-to-date site serving a wide variety of customers. The site’s design forms a complete visual language that is being utilized for advertising in other media.

Designed at Studio Raz 2017

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