Builder Depot


Builder Depot is London's leading independent builders' supplier and the largest merchant site in London. They have four branches in North London and over 25,000 products in stock.

The challenge in this project was to allow customers to make purchases using mobile platforms. The existing site was designed for desktop and made it difficult for customers trying to shop using their smart phones. There was need for the design and rapid development of a mobile site suited for a contemporary shopping experience, while maintaining design compatibility with the established site.

The solution was to create a separate mobile site based on the desktop site, with a common design language linking the two. Given the wide range of products and the diversity of the customers, the focus was on intuitive design and facilitating highvolume purchases. Special importance was placed on a short and efficient shopping experience that does not require extensive browsing. The design preserves the existing principles with minor updates to style and colors to achieve a modern an inviting look.

Following the creation of the mobile site, pages were added to the desktop version - such as the main categories landing page showing the subcategories as images. This appeals to customers that browse the site in order to get inspiration before deciding on a purchase. As a result of the update, sales to mobile platform customers have increased significantly and desktop sales soon followed suit.

Designed at Studio Raz 2016

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