hello! I'm Shira, a graphic designer.
Born and raised in Tel Aviv.

So....That's me in the picture, a graphic designer with my beloved dog Lili (RIP).

I grew up in a family that was ‘art mixed with science’ – with an emphasis on computer screens. (During the 90's my family had a Mac with a black-and-white screen that was my constant companion throughout my childhood.) I think it triggered my addiction to the screen itself. It took a long time for me to confess my addiction and to understand that like all addictions, it will always be a part of me and hence of my occupation.
I always try to create "pretty things", because after all, that’s what designing is about. But to me, a good design is like a puzzle that needs solving - and I couldn’t be happier when I manage to solve it. Suddenly all the hard work and suffering that I put into it seems like great fun. (I credit this attitude to my analytical side which I get from my mathematician father.)

Since I graduated in 2013, I have designed in more than one field. It's important for me to design in fields that are most relevant to me. Therefore, I put a lot of effort in designing for musicians. I am constantly learning new things and try to keep my design skills relevant and fresh. This is why it was important for me to create this website from scratch by myself, using the knowledge I have gathered alone on my own, over time.

I believe that good design must be taken seriously, but a good designer should approach his work with humor. I truly believe this and that’s why I’m always open to criticism - not just receiving it, but giving it as well!

feel free to contact me: shiraharan@gmail.com
Here is a copy of my personal CV.